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WMAwater Hobart Office opening

We are very excited to have opened our Hobart office in September. Our team of Fiona Ling and Kim Robinson complement our existing capabilities with expertise in flood hydrology, hydrologic analysis for hydropower schemes, yield studies, system modelling, real time flood forecasting, and impacts of climate change. The opening of our Hobart office extends our services across the east coast of Australia.

Fiona has more than 25 years’ experience and has lead hydrologic studies on a wide range of national and international projects. Fiona has worked for a variety of clients including all levels of government, aid agencies, water management authorities and infrastructure owners. Fiona has extensive experience in hydrologic analysis for stages of large dam projects from pre-feasibility, feasibility, design and due diligence. She has developed successful flood forecasting systems for a broad array of applications including small dams, complex hydropower systems and major cities. Fiona led water availability and river modelling components of two key Tasmanian climate change studies, Tasmanian Sustainable Yields and Climate Futures for Tasmania. She has co-authored more than 50 journal and conference papers and contributed to revisions of ANCOLD Acceptable Flood Capacity Guidelines and Australian Rainfall and Runoff. Fiona is immediate past chair and a member of Engineers Australia National Committee on Water Engineering, and a member of Engineers Australia Civil College Board.

Kim is a senior hydrologist with expertise including rainfall runoff modelling and catchment yield analysis, flood forecasting system design and development, design flood hydrology including Monte Carlo and joint probability analysis, hydropower assessment and site identification, model automation and climate change impact assessment. He has been lead developer for inflow and flood forecasting models used to manage water resources for hydro and water supply scheme operation, flood response and construction project risks. Kim has been involved in large scale development of rainfall runoff models for a number of projects covering current and future climate modelling and analysis of reliability for proposed irrigation schemes.

Our Hobart office