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Perth Airport Master Drainage Strategy

Perth Airport Pty Ltd

Development of a Master Drainage Strategy to inform future planning for Perth Airport.


Perth Airport covers an area of approximately 2,100 hectares and since 1997 has been operated by Perth Airports Pty Ltd, who are undertaking substantial redevelopment of the airport estate. The planning framework for future development as outlined in the Perth Airport Master Plan includes an additional runway, new aprons, taxiways, terminal upgrades, improved road access, and significant commercial development outside of core airport-related activities.

To inform future planning decisions and to support the objectives of the Master Plan, WAC required a comprehensive Master Drainage Strategy (MDS) to provide a framework for effective management of drainage and flood risk issues associated with ongoing development of the Perth Airport Estate. The strategy is conceptual in nature and will be used to guide the staging of development and drainage infrastructure within Perth Airport over the next twenty years.


Preparation of the MDS included several stages:

  • Data review and preliminary constraints assessment;
  • Development of hydrological and hydraulic models to analyse design flood behaviour for existing conditions
  • Development and assessment of suitable drainage concepts for a range of future development scenarios in accordance with the Perth Airport Master Plan

The Master Drainage Strategy documents the development of conceptual drainage strategies for a range of development horizons:

  • based on expected development within the next 2 to 3 years;
  • Ultimate Development (based on full development of the PAE in accordance with the Perth Airport Master Plan); and
  • 3rd Runway (Ultimate Development with the completion of the additional proposed runway).

Development of the strategies included:

  • review of existing flood-related planning and development controls for Perth Airport;
  • review of previous flood investigations and drainage strategy assessments;
  • consultation with various stakeholders, including the Perth Airport departments responsible for development, planning, infrastructure and environmental management, as well as external stakeholders (water authority, local Councils, Swan River authority, Main Roads authority); and
  • detailed modelling assessment of a wide range of identified potential mitigation measures.

The conceptual drainage strategies developed by WMAwater include recommendations for physical works as well as planning and response measures to mitigate drainage issues and flood impacts arising from proposed development of the PAE and other catchments upstream.