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Technical Expertise


  • Our expertise in hydraulics includes:
  • 1D and 2D unsteady flow modelling (TUFLOW, SOBEK, MIKE, RMA, HEC-RAS, RUBICON and others)
  • Detailed hydraulic analyses for open channels, bridges, culverts and floodplains
  • Assessment and mapping of stream height, flow and velocity
  • Hydraulic / hazard categorisation of floodplain areas
  • Estuary and river dynamics
  • Urban drainage systems
  • Flood impact assessments for Development Applications
  • Scour assessments



Our expertise in hydrology includes:

  • Computer simulation of rainfall-runoff processes (WBNM, RORB, DRAINS, RAFTS, and others)
  • Flood frequency analysis using FLIKE
  • Monte Carlo and joint probability assessment
  • Continuous simulation modelling (AWBM, GR4J, SimHYD, Sacramento, WFLOW and others)
  • Reservoir and system modelling
  • Flood and flow forecasting system development
  • Hydrometeorological analysis
  • Probable maximum precipitation estimates
  • Statistical hydrology
  • Climate change impacts modelling
  • Estimation of surface and groundwater yields
  • Time series analysis of stream flows
  • On-site stormwater detention


Data collection, analysis and management

Use of the most appropriate data is vital for our projects. Presentation of study outputs in formats that are easy to interpret is an important part of communicating results with our clients and other stakeholders. Our expertise in this area includes:

  • Development of in house software to easily analyse and present large datasets
  • Preparation of detailed survey briefs, including LIDAR and traditional survey
  • GIS (ARC, MapInfo and QGIS), including mapping and custom plug-in development
  • Post flood collection of data
  • Collection and assessment of historical rainfall and streamflow data
  • Advice on design of hydrometeorological gauging networks
  • Advice on data management and integration
  • Interpretation and analysis of numerical weather prediction and climate model outputs