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Urban Drainage

With the bulk of population growth in Australia occurring in the capital cities and major regional centres, there is continually increasing demand on drainage infrastructure. Increased dwelling density in established suburbs, as well as the need to upgrade transport and freight links through urban areas, can produce significant challenges in developing drainage solutions that are both equitable for existing residents as well as providing for the future needs of the broader community. This can be true even for greenfield development on urban fringes, where sustainable and ecologically beneficial drainage strategies are required. WMAwater is experienced at overcoming these challenges and providing comprehensive strategies for urban drainage that satisfy a wide range of stakeholder interests.


WMAwater’s range of services related to urban drainage assessment and design, includes evaluation of existing stormwater drainage systems, development of drainage strategies and concept designs, and impact assessments for new development. We have expertise and experience in establishing stormwater critieria for development control plans (DCPs) in urban renewal precincts, and section 94 plan preparation and contributions assessment.